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Sunday, December 15, 2013

7:50 PM

Top 3 Ways To Solve Any Problem Related To ( iPhone Disabled )

 Top 3 Ways To Solve Any Problem Related To ( iPhone Disabled )

Top 3 Ways To Solve Any Problem Related To ( iPhone Disabled )

This topic is talking about iPod , iPad , iPhone Disabled and The Top Ways that will help you to ( Resolve This Issue Then keep it safe in the future )

This Message occurs if the device has entry passcode incorrectly too many times, you will see message say that ( iPhone Disabled try again in 22 million minutes ) . By the way passcode do not have the chance to enter again to unlock device .

Simple of Messages That You May Faced :

ü iPhone disabled, try again in x minutes
ü  iTunes could not connect to the iPod because it is locked with a passcode.
ü  you must enter your passcode on the iPhone before it can be used with iTunes.

There are so many of solutions to solve this problem on the internet that is facing many of the iPhone users .But in this article we will Explain the Top three Ways That We have obtained is after experiments .

# The First Method  ( Using computer with previously synced By iTunes )  
# The Second Method ( Using iTunes And Backup Last Synced
# The Third Method  ( You Don't Have Have Old Back And Didn't Synced Your Device Before )

Now Will Explain The Three Ways Each One Separately In Detail To Make It Easy To You

# The First Method  ( Using computer with previously synced By iTunes ) 

This method does not work with everyone, but I published at the beginning for the experiment only . Because it's very easy if you have already tried and solved the problem this is good ,  if it does not solve that problem did not lose anything .. and try the below solutions , NOW! Let's Go ...

ü  Connect your IDevice to your computer using USB Cable ( It must be the one that last synchronized with your IDevice )
ü  IF iTunes Detected you iPhone , You Will Get Notice Message Say That ( Attempt The passcode Again ) That Let's you to enter passcode again and and unlock device , if do not remember the passcode you will need to restore the device ..

# The Second Method Using iTunes And Backup Last Synced  

ü  Then Open your iTunes From your PC .
ü  Hold Both Buttons ( HOME & Power ) At the Same Time Until Screen Lights Up .
ü  During this occurs Connect it to your computer using USB Cable .
ü  Now your will see iTunes icon appears on IDevice Screen .
ü  When You See The Previous Message .
ü  Release The Home Button .
ü  Itunes Will Alert  you that it has detected A device .
ü  NOW! All You Have To Do Click Restore Button of iTunes To Start Restoring ;) .

 Top 3 Ways To Solve Any Problem Related To ( iPhone Disabled )

# The Third Method  ( You Don't Have Have Old Back And Didn't Synced Your Device Before )

Now The Last option that we gonna go with is ( if you have no backup and no computer that synced with ) . 

                              We have to do a technique called ( Recovery Mode ) So let's Try

1st Step Is Turning The Device Off by Holding The Power button And Sliding Off . Like The below Image .

 Top 3 Ways To Solve Any Problem Related To ( iPhone Disabled )

2nd Step It's Connected To iTunes .
3rd Step Hold Both buttons Until The Device Turns on and the Screen Lights Up . Like The Below Image .

 Top 3 Ways To Solve Any Problem Related To ( iPhone Disabled )

4th Step Once It's Up you release the power button and keep the home button held down until you see ( Connect ToiTunes ) Appears .
5th Step Once you see iTunes Icon Release The Home Button as the below image .

 Top 3 Ways To Solve Any Problem Related To ( iPhone Disabled )

6th Step Now you will see message says that ( iTunes Has Detected An iPhone In Recovery Mode ) Once you click OK to agree that message and the next step hit restore button again , at this time the process of getting last backup and running .. Unfortunately with this message the data on the device will be lost and there is no way to preserve ..

At The End ,, I Hope That Helped you .. 

If you have any comments , questions Or queries Please leave them In Comment box Below , And if you enjoyed this simple tutorial ( Support us with share ;) ) ...

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Thursday, October 24, 2013

3:54 AM

How to Work a Disabled iPhone

How to Work a Disabled iPhone

A new jailbroken apple iphone can become handicapped or maybe "bricked. " A new bricked iDevice will not likely functionality because doing so possesses both frozen by using an program or maybe for the black color tv screen. You will need to manually reboot ones handicapped apple for making the idea sensible all over again. You cannot deliver any jailbroken for an AT&T or maybe Apple mackintosh retail store pertaining to restoration because jailbreaking your iDevice voids your words or maybe Apple's extended warranty for that iDevice.

    • 1
      Open iTunes. And By Sure That it's With V.9.0
      Ensure you have the Blackra1n jailbreak tool on the computer..
    • 2
      Connect your Device to a computer USB . Open the Blackra1n tool and then Click Button "Make it Rain." Now Processed a hard reboot To Your iPhone
      To be insure  that you make a hard reboot, Press and hold the Sleep/wake bind until the red slider shows up. Slide your finger over the slider to turn off Your Device. To walk out on, press and hold the Sleep/wake until the Apple logo shows up. Provided that you can't turn off Your Device or if the issue proceeds 
    • 3
      Leave buttons and you will see the Blackra1n reset screen . Your device must be fully functional now no longer disabled or blocked.
3:52 AM

My iPhone Is Disabled How to Enable And Fix It?

 My iPhone Is Disabled How to Enable And Fix It?

My iPhone Is Disabled How to Enable And Fix It?

Recently and found many people looking for a solution to this problem, which is a lot of iPhone users , Once I reached to the Solution loved to show it for all to benefit all offset this problem


To fix your iPhone that is disabled , you Just need to turn off your iDevice by Pressing On The power button found on the upper right corner of the phone, and then move the cursor towards the right Red. Press and hold the home button and power button at the same time. Continue with holding the home button Till iTunes logo with the USB appears on the screen. It will get with regards to 25 a few moments. you will See message says that ( iTunes detected a device in recovery mode. ) Click OK then click Restore to let your mobile start restoring . You IDevice will start updates and syncs with iTunes

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

2:46 AM

The need for mobile IPhone in our daily lives

The need for mobile IPhone in our daily lives

Mobile phones are really very important in our lives that we cannot think our life without them. 
They are equipped with the high-end features and specifications that it really makes us feel great in having them in our hands. They have completely intruded in our lives and are now very close to our hearts.
Gone is the era when people used to communicate via telephone land line now they are more fond of mobile phones and text messages with them.

Easy access to iPhone works very well, while new information is processed and displayed in a shorter period of time. It allows users access to important facts and stay updated on the clock. This means that you, as an user, you can stay updated on the movements in the stock market, train delays, weather, and anything else that matters to you.

The benefits of the Mobile does not end here, and there are a lot a whole new range of applications that users can purchase and download from the App Store. These applications are not only useful for people who need organizational tools or information, but also pushed forward companies.

This has enabled the store to iPhone professionals to organize their calendars, tasks, and improve the productivity of other forms. I changed the traditional means of management and professionals can either create processes for monitoring sales or gather information about the movement of the market.

Larger, bright screen
First-class camera
Reliable user interface
The largest market applications
Easy upgrade options for applications
Retina display
Easy to upgrade to the operating system OTA
The largest market for accessories
Aesthetically rewarding
Unfailing battery life

Only offers touch screen
Controlled directly by Apple
There is no SD slot
Cannot access a third party APIs
Flash does not feature