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Thursday, November 7, 2013

iPhone is disabled, how to enable a disabled iPhone Without iTunes

how to enable a disabled iphone Without iTune

iPhone is disabled, how to enable a disabled iPhone Without iTunes

Your iPhone may occasionally lock up and become disabled,and Can not open it, it's possible to correct this problem with the two buttons built into the Mobile.


  • Press and hold down the circle button, located below the touchscreen, and the small button at the top of the screen. Continue to hold these buttons down as the iDevice turns off.
  • Wait a few moments, then press the circular button. After a few moments an Apple icon loads onto the screen. This performs a boot cycle that takes several moments.

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  1. Hi,If you want to un disable a iphone power it off and wait till its completely off/ blank screen then hold the middle button down 5 secs. And keep your finger on the middle button and plug your usb to a computer and it will load on your iphone when its already loaded then it will show charging simble with itunes with blue sticker.Thank you!!


  2. my i phone 4s is showing "i phone is disabled" and after that it is showing a pad where it recommends only for an emergency call.I have not any i cloud id or password.HOw can i fix the problem?

  3. I've done this and when the iphone turns back on it still says iphone is disabled. Please help!

  4. I doubt the truth of this post please, Can you explain your method a little better?.. Thanks

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  7. 4uKey helps.

  8. it doesn't work for me, idk why. whatever...

  9. Also this video can help to fix the 'iPhone is disabled' by removing forgotten passcode on iPhone.