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Thursday, October 24, 2013

What Does It Mean When Your Device Says "iPhone Is Disabled - Connect to iTunes?"

What Does It Mean When Your iPhone Says "iPhone Is Disabled - Connect to iTunes?"

What Does It Mean When Your Mobile Says "iPhone Is Disabled - Connect to iTunes?"

It truly is bad enough if you cannot remember your passcode in order to unlock your Disabled iPhone . When Someone enter incorrect password more than time ; the device automatically disables itself. In some cases, you will see this message "iPhone disabled - Connect to iTunes." 
A passcode mobile feature to help secure its use. However, if you forget about your passcode and enter an incorrect many times, the Your iDevice triggers the "iPhone  Disabled Connect to iTunes" message. It can be displayed in whitened font and surrounded with a red background.

Without iTunes

If you do not have iTunes on your computer, or you have not in taking a backup copy of your mobile device before it then your only option available to you is iCloud is also a feature that allows you in taking backup copy of your phone and this way also will help you to restore the passcode again,
Tip: Take a backup copy of your phone to iTunes And iCloud, this will help a lot later

Synced With iTunes

In case you had synced this iDevice along with iTunes, you'll be able to reset this passcode by way of fixing the product. Hook up The Mobile on the pc that you work with with regard to syncing the product. Then open up iTunes, right-click this iDevice found in this remaining column and select this "Back up" solution. Immediately after completing this back-up practice, so protecting your articles, select "Restore. " Whenever performed, you'll be able to reestablish your articles in the back-up.

Not Synched with iTunes

In the event you hook up the actual iDevice on the laptop or computer and also iTunes asks for the actual passcode, utilize another laptop or computer that you employed for syncing the unit. When there is no other laptop or computer, unplug the actual USB cable from the mobile phone while departing another result in the actual pc's USB vent. Subsequently shut off the phone by simply pushing and also positioning the Sleep/Wake switch until you see and also slip any crimson slider. After the mobile phone is away from, media and also support the Home switch while reconnecting the actual USB cable going without running shoes. Reconnecting the actual iDevice really should switch it rear with. On the other hand, do not acquire the kids finger off of the Home switch until the "Connect to help iTunes" display presents itself. There ought to be a attentive by iTunes telling you it provides identified the phone inside retrieval setting. Any time you do, simply click "OK" and also simply click "Restore" to restore the phone.


  1. My i phone is showing i phone is disabled and after that it is showing a pad where it only recommened for a emergency call.I have not any i cloud id or password. How can i fix the problem?

  2. My granddaughter has an iphones 6s boy does she love that phone. while awhile back my grandson got her phone. and throw it like a ball while the screen broke and the sound come in but no pic come out just sound